I'm having problems with the FirstBuild app

Please contact us here  or call (866) 907-6718 with the version of operating system you currently have installed on your phone. For the schedule to run consistently, the device with the app should stay in Bluetooth range of the Opal Nugget Ice Maker.

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    Allen Young

    Very expensive piece of junk

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    Michael Pines

    This ice maker is as reliable as any on the market. The great thing is there customer service and the technology built into the Opal. I had a issue with the lasers that tell the machine it’s full and can stop making ice and even though I was out of my one year warranty a supervisor gladly replaced it with a new one all I had to do was send back the broken one. Show me any of the other countertop ice maker companies that will do that. Great company Great ice maker.

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    Tim Hildebrandt

    Can't get my pixel 3a xl to pair

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    Our Opal 1B First Build Ice Maker, was just out of the 1 year warranty mark, and it stopped making any ice at all and a louder than normal noise. Costumer service basically said that's too bad sorry we can't help you. Now we have a $400 noisy water fountain...