Making Ice With The Forge Clear Ice Maker

Once your Forge Clear Ice Maker has been sanitized, follow the steps below to begin making clear ice.

  1. Plug the Ice Maker into a grounded outlet.
  2. Fill reservoir with potable (safe to drink) water up to the front fill step. Water hardness must be less than 12 grains per gallon (205 ppm). Do not fill reservoir with any liquid except water. Using any liquid except potable water is misuse and will void your warranty. Check that the interior black flaps behind the lower ice shelf are closed; gently press down if flaps are open.
  3. Press the “Ice Making On/Off” button to start making ice. The light display strip will display solid white light and the text display will show “Ice Making On”.
  4. Forge produces a pair of ice gems at a time in about 5-7 hours. The time it takes to produce ice gems is dependent on the clearance around the unit, ambient temperature and starting water temperature. Your first ice gems may take longer than others to produce. Forge will continue to make ice until the bottom shelf is full (4 gems), or until it runs low of water.

To continue making ice, simply move the ice gems from the bottom ice shelf up to the top storage shelf or to a secondary freezer. For best results, ice gems stored on Forge’s top shelf should be used within a few days. Add more water, and ensure the black flaps behind the lower shelf are reset after each ice making cycle. Reset the flaps by gently pressing down.


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