Making a Clear Ice Sphere With The Ice Press

Follow the steps below to make clear ice spheres:


1.  Plug the ice press into a grounded outlet capable of providing 15A at 120VAC.

2.  Turn the ice press on using the button on the lower back of the press. 

3.  Lift the upper half of the press and, using the tongs, center a Forge clear ice gem between the two halves. 

4.  Place the upper half of the ice press on top of the ice. You do not have to press down on the handle while ice is being melted.

5.  Forge will press an ice sphere in about 90 seconds.

6.  Immediately after the upper and lower halves of Forge meet, lift the top half of the press and use the tongs to remove the ice sphere. Ice spheres may be served immediately or stored in a freezer for later use.

7.  Allow Ice spheres stored in a freezer to sit at room temperature for five minutes prior to adding liquid, or else they may crack.



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