How do I drain water from The Forge Clear Ice Maker?

To ensure the highest quality ice, the Forge Clear Ice Maker should be drained completely after the creation of approximately 24 ice gems. It is also recommended to drain Forge’s reservoir when not in use.

1.  To drain the Forge Clear Ice Maker, use the front drain tube, which can be found behind the small door at the front of the ice maker. 

2.  After opening the door, pull out the rubber tube and unplug the stopper at the end. Take care to keep control of the tube so water does not spill.

3.  Direct the tube to either a sink or emptying container, and allow water to drain. For faster draining, angle drain tube as much as possible toward the floor.

4.  Once reservoir is empty, reinstall the drain tube at the front of the ice maker to its original position. Ensure stopper is fully installed inside tube to prevent leaking.

5.  Refill the ice maker reservoir with clean water up to the maximum fill line.


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