Understanding The Forge Clear Ice Maker's Text Display

The Forge Clear Ice Maker communicates through both a light bar underneath the door and on-screen messaging. 

On-screen message



Ice Making Off

Forge holds previously made ice in a tempered state. To make ice, press the “Ice Making On/Off” button.


Ice Making On

Forge is actively making ice gems while holding any previously made ice gems in a tempered state.



Ice Chute Full

Forge’s bottom ice shelf is full. To make more ice, move ice gems from the bottom of ice maker to the top storage shelf, or fully remove the ice gems from the ice maker.


Water Low

To continue making ice, fill the reservoir with water.



Cleaning Recommended

When Forge needs to be cleaned, the display will cycle between “Cleaning Recommended” and the current ice making mode. Press and hold “Activate Cleaning Cycle” button to begin cleaning cycle.


Cleaning Cycle


Once the cleaning cycle is activated, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the cleaning process.




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