Understanding Your Ice Maker's External Light Displays

When Forge’s door is closed, the ice maker communicates by displaying different light colors and patterns at the base of the door.


External lighting



No Light

Ice Making Off. Forge is holding ice in a tempered state when plugged in. To make ice, press the “Ice Making On/Off” button.


Solid White

Ice Making On. Forge is actively making ice gems while holding previously made ice gems in a tempered state.


Pulsing White

User action required. Lower shelf ice storage is full. Please remove ice or store it on the upper shelf.


Pulsing Blue

Water Low. To continue making ice, fill the reservoir with water.


Solid Green

Clean Cycle Activated. Forge is working through the automated portion of its cleaning cycle.


Pulsing Green

User action required. Follow the prompts on-screen to complete the cleaning process.



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