What are the sounds my ice maker might make?


Your new Ice Maker may make sounds that are not familiar. Most of these sounds are normal. Hard surfaces like the floor, walls, and countertops can amplify these sounds. The following describes the sounds that may be new to you and what may be creating them.




 When Forge Clear Ice Maker is first turned on, you may notice the condenser fan spinning.



When the water pump first turns on, it may be dry and slightly noisy. Once it is filled with water, the noise reduces significantly.


 Rattling noises may be produced from the flow of the refrigerant. These noises should reduce significantly once the refrigerant system has stabilized.


When the refrigerant system shuts off, there may be a brief gurgle as the refrigerant stops flowing.



The compressor is a motor. It produces a low toned humming sound while it is running.


As clear ice gems are produced, they drop into the ice shelf. This impact creates a muffled, yet audible noise.


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