Why do I see blemishes on completed ice spheres?

A recurring flat spot on the top or bottom of the clear ice spheres can indicate a need to increase the size of the Ice gems produced in your Forge Clear Ice Maker. See the Ice Maker’s Use and Care guide for details.

You may have left the ice in the press too long. Use the tongs to remove the ice sphere from the Forge Clear Ice Press immediately after the upper half of the press meets the bottom.

Leaving the ice sphere in the heated press too long will cause the sphere to become misshaped.

•   Ensure each Ice gem is centered on the sphere mold before you begin to press.

•   Applying the heated press immediately to an Ice gem that has been stored in a regular or deep freezer will cause the ice to crack. Place any ice not created by and stored in the Forge Clear Ice Maker in a bowl at room temperature for five minutes before using in the heated press.

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