Why is it take longer to make ice gems?

  • Make sure “Activate Ice Making” button has been pressed.
  • Make sure the ice shelves are installed with the large holes facing forward.
  • The flaps behind Forge’s lower ice shelf may need to be reset. Check that the interior black flaps behind the lower ice shelf are closed; gently press down if flaps are open. Ensure the flaps are reset after each ice making cycle.
  • Forge may be placed in an area that’s too warm. Ensure Forge is installed in an area with an ambient temperature between 65°F and 85°F. Do not install in an area with a temperature greater than 85°F.
  • The water inside the reservoir may be too warm. Do not use hot water. Use cold water for faster ice creation.
  • Forge’s door may be slightly open. Ensure the door is closed and sealed.
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